This look got such a lovely response when I posted it to my Instagram (follow me here). I really loved this outfit when I put it together but I didn’t think you would all love it as much as you did, but hey here we are! Thank you for all your lovely comments about this looks also, it means the world. I have been dreaming of warmer weather since the beginning of January, I don’t think Winter is Winter without snow, therefore all of the days where there is no snow (and where I live, thats everyday, New York and America I am so jealous of you right now) I feel are pointless and we should have warmth, or at least mild weather. I really love crop tops and jeans as it means you can show a little bit of skin but the fact you’re wearing jeans means its still all nice and covered. I also love this combination for when the weather is mild and you’re not needing a coat but you can’t be in a skirt. Crop tops and jeans are also a really flattering silhouette if you go for a non fitted one as I am in this look as it makes your waist look all nice and small. Tighter crop tops keep you looking curvy so just play to your own assets (God did not bless me in the boob department). 
This crop top I bought from a local vintage shop in Manchester, and it seems that it has been reclaimed into a crop top from a denim shirt as the hem is simply sewn back up after it has been cut shorter. You can make this super easily by buying a cheap denim shirt and simply cutting it yourself, you could even skip the re-hemming and simple frey the edges and it would look a little bit more ‘grunge’. Simple skinny black jeans are always a staple in my looks, I am sure you know this by now (sorry I am so consistent) so it was a no brainer to pair these with this crop. However I also thought this would look much more summery with white jeans, so if it is a little warmer where you are and you’d like to look a little bit more bright then perhaps try that angle with this look.

I think everyone is getting a bit sick of the cold at the moment, so planning some summer outfits is definitely putting me in the mood for sun, a tan and not having to layer up (as much as I do love it!)

I hope you like this look! Let me know what you’d like to see more of on here!


H x